Feed Body Repairs

Large or small repair, MWM-made Feed Body (or Jakel Feed Body, or MGRF Feed Body) or a competitor’s feed body, emergency or preventative maintenance, our dedicated team of Repair technicians have the experience to get your bulk feed body units back on the road in a timely manner.

If your drivers have been jousting, stabbing bridges, or plugging the discharge augers, we’ve seen it before. If your driver lost Chicken against a grain bin, rolled a truck in a ditch, or if you’ve had a truck spontaneously combust, we’ve seen it before. If your truck gets tired before your box, we can re-mount your box on a new chassis.

Our Feed Body Repair services include:

  • Remote Control Setup
  • Remote Control Troubleshooting
  • Remote Control Servicing (Loaner maybe available)
  • Hydraulic Valve Repairs
  • Hydraulic Pump Repairs
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Belt Alignment/Repairs
  • Skirt Repairs
  • Auger Repairs
  • PTO Mounting/Repairs
  • Light & Electrical Repairs
  • Chain Repairs
  • Power washing
  • and more